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Pacmaze Update

Pacmaze just got an update. it was long overdue, i admit, other matters distracted me from it. It is good to be back on it tho. It is version 5 now. It is a major performance update, 5 time faster in some cases. The game is now embeddable in external pages. Additionnaly, Packy has been renamed Pucky as a reference to the original name of pacman, ‘Puck-Man’. You can read all about the history of pacman in the pacman dossier.

Embedded game

See an embedded version below. Use AWSD keys to play or play the full page version.

The game is now embeddable in external page. To embed the game in your own page, just do the following and tune the css to own taste.

<iframe src='' width='480px' height='360px'></iframe>

Performance boost

Pacmaze v5 is a major performance update, especially for macbook. I got recently got a macbook. I quickly noticed pacmaze wasn’t too good on it, to say the least. So i optimized the WebGL on this plateform. The performance are now much better. For Chrome, the performance went from 10fps to more than 50fps. On Firefox, the old version got bugs and 7fps… ouch. Now known bugs are removed and the average fps is close to 45fps.

So fps on macbook is now 5 time faster! Quite a boost! Next update i plan to focus on visual effets.