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Pacmaze V2 - Event More WebGL in Pacman

Pacmaze v2 is the second version of pacmaze in the pacmaze experiment announced here.

Compared to pacmaze v1, it provides much nicer 3D effects with lot of camera moves. Use pageUp/pageDown or C/V keys to change the camera positions. It is a little easier on the user too. In case you dont have WebGL, you may watch a screencast… better than the original with a alert(), couch :) Show, dont tell, here is the screencast

Other improvements were done this week, but they were either not yet ready or not visible on the screen… According to pacmaze experiment schedule, i should release a new game every 2 weeks, so another game is due next wednesday. Pacmaze v2 is just an improvement of last week release.


Pacmaze is a pacman in WebGL. You are a pacman trapped in a maze. You need to eat all the pills to get out, and avoid the ghosts in the process. Well… you known pacman. You can find it as standalone webapp or in chrome web store.